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Chanhassen Basketball!! The Storm is on the way!
How Are We Representing Ourselves?

Hi Storm Fans!

Question for you...How are we representing ourselves as a youth basketball program? More specifically, how are YOU representing us and our communities??

Every season in my memory there have been news reports of outrageous and sometimes disgusting behavior in the world of youth basketball. Fortunately, nothing horrible this season, but yesterday I was reminded of this by the Star Tribune article featuring the Edina Boys 4A traveling team, which asked the question "Is 4th grade too young for ultra-competitive sports?". (My answer will always be YES, but that is a topic for another day). Chanhassen actually got a couple mentions in the article, as our team had just defeated the Edina team in their tournament (way to go B4Blue team!).

So, as we approach the conclusion of our season, competing in Jamborees, Tournaments, and State Championships, please take note of these simple, common sense, GOLDEN RULE reminders as you represent your team, our program, our association, our communities, yourself, and your children.


  • Exhibit exemplary sportsmanship at all times - to your opponent, the officials, your coach, your teammates
  • Show respect for everyone who host and maintain the gyms we play in - custodians, building monitors, program and event volunteers, school and rec center leaders and staff
  • Coaches and parents are responsible for supervising our players at all times. Please do not allow them to run roughshod or misbehave throughout any facilities.
  • Leave school/facility property and equipment alone and intact. Others own and use it when we are not there.
  • Leave all facilities in the same or better condition than when you arrived. Pick up and clean up after yourself and your kids.


  • Impart a positive, unforgettable impression on everyone you cross paths with at tournaments
  • Be above the craziness frequently associated with tournament basketball
  • Don't allow your opponents' or their fans' negative behavior to impact the way you cheer positively for your team - show them how to be a terrific, supportive fan for your team and theirs by the way you behave in the stands and at the tournament
  • Recognize that we can't control it if other teams choose to play in a bracket below their perceived level
    • Accept the challenge! Play your best! Improve by competing against better teams!
    • Realize that CAA Basketball at times moves teams up and down, based on past performance, and your opponents may be doing exactly that. We have done so this season, all in the interest of fulfilling our goal to provide all our players the most successful basketball experience we can.
    • Our top team in a grade may not always be a true "A" team. Our 3rd team in a grade may be better than all other "C" teams. Its our job to place them as competitively as possible.
    • For all these reasons, we publicly name and refer to our travel teams by color Blue/Gold/White/Silver, instead of letter A/B/C.
  • Be gracious and humble in victory, and in defeat.
  • Keep it all in perspective. Its just youth sports, after all.
  • Have FUN!!!!


by posted 02/11/2015
Storm the House Champs!

Storm the House Champs!

Storm the House champs from January 3rd.

Kody Dalen - 3pt champ

Matt Santini - Lightning champ

by posted 01/04/2015
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