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Winter Community Leagues Tournament Teams
Contact Information
John Miller - Grades 1-3 Developmental Leagues Leader
Tim Dahlby - Grades 4-8 Community Leagues Leader

Program Structure & Philosophy
CAA Basketball will sponsor and support Tournament Teams comprised of CAA Community League players. Tournament Teams are formed by parents and players taking the initiative, and forming their own team comprised of CAA Community League players.

CAA Basketball DOES NOT form Tournament Teams, but we do support teams formed by our players and parents.

Tournament Teams offer players the opportunity to participate in a more competitive environment that does not require the commitment of traveling basketball. Tournament Teams typically play in a limited number of “super-saver” tournaments that do not conflict with the CAA Community League schedule, such as those offered by Minnesota Youth Athletic Services, www.myas.org.

You are free to fill your roster with any CAA Community League players you choose. Tournament Teams are responsible for funding the cost of tournament entry fees and additional jerseys/uniforms. CAA will charge Tournament Teams a nominal fee to cover the cost of any gym space we secure for Tournament Team practices.

Tournament Team expectations:
  • CAA Community League Basketball games are your first priority on weekends. Please do not register for tournaments that conflict with CAA games.
  • Refer to your team as Tournament Team, rather than traveling team
  • Please avoid tournaments that CAA Traveling Teams are playing in
  • If you choose to purchase full uniforms for your Tournament Team, please make sure they are distinctly different than those worn by CAA Traveling Teams.

Once you have formed your team of coaches and players, we will provide the following services:
 CAA sponsorship, ensuring adherence to tournament eligibility rules
Team covered by CAA insurance policy
Team set up on CAA Basketball web site, for communication and scheduling
 Additional CAA jerseys for purchase, we encourage Tournament Teams to wear these
Advice on what tournaments and leagues to play in
Reserve gym space for practices - very likely Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays
Coaches encouraged to attend CAA Basketball coach clinics