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Chanhassen Boys & Girls Traveling Tournament 

Tournament Rules 
(Rules are subject to change) 

Warm-up time, half-time breaks 

Up to (5) minutes are allowed for warm-up and (3) minutes for half time; however, the referees have discretion to change these times to make sure the games move along in a timely fashion. 


Line Ups 

1. Each team is responsible to write their line up on the official score sheet prior to the start of the game. If numbers are not entered correctly or a number not entered at all, a technical foul will be issued. 

2. Home Team supplies scorekeeper and must sit at scorer’s table. Home Team is at the top of each bracket in bracket play and the first team listed in pool play 

3. Team must have a minimum of 5 players to start the game or game will be forfeited and winning team will be awarded a 20-0 score 

4. A player can only play on one team.  (Exceptions made only by Tournament Director). 


Game playing time 

All grades, (2) fourteen (14) minute stop time halves. Running time will be used whenever there is a lead of twenty (20) points or more with 7 minutes left with the clock stopping for time outs in the second half of the game.  A Team must get it down to 10 points to stop the clock from running time after a 20 point deficit. 


Overtime Periods: 

The first overtime period is two (2) minutes stop time. The second overtime period if necessary is sudden death. Each overtime period will start with a jump ball. 


Time Outs 

Three (3) time outs per game. One (1) time out for the first overtime period. No time outs for a sudden death period. Unused time outs do not carry forward to the overtime periods. 



5th - 8th grade all defenses are allowed the entire game. 

For 4th grade divisions, no zone defenses are allowed. 

For 4th grade divisions, full court press is not allowed until the last two minutes of each half. All other grade levels full court press is allowed the whole game.Officials should enforce this rule by giving a warning for the first offense and by awarding a 2-point technical foul for any subsequent violations. 

In the last 30 seconds of 4th grade games, when the ball is inbound to the back court, the clock will start once the ball is touched by a player in the front court. 

Teams must drop back to a half-court defense if leading by 20 points. One verbal warning will be issued then a technical foul will be issued on subsequent violations at the referee’s discretion. Also, the score must drop down to 10 points to resume normal play and stop the running clock. 



One and one will be shot after seven (7) team fouls per half. 

Double bonus shots at ten (10) team fouls. 

NO TECHNICAL FOULS WILL BE SHOT, team will be awarded 2 points and the ball will be awarded to the opposing team. Technical Fouls are also counted as team fouls and as player fouls. 
If a coach gets removed from a game, they can no longer coach that particular day. The coach must leave the court area until the game is over.  


Tie Breakers 

In round robin brackets and pool play, ties will be determined by 

1. Head to Head 

2.Total point differential (in games between tie breaker teams only) 

3. Fewest points allowed (in games between tie breaker teams only) 

4. Most points scored (in games between tie breaker teams only) 



No protests are allowed. The referees and or the Tournament Director will settle all disputes as needed. 


Other rules 

All other rules are according to the Minnesota State High School League. 

Unsportsmanlike conduct and Fighting is prohibited before, during, or after the game. Players involved in a fight will be eliminated from the game they are in and the next game. A team can be fully disqualified from the tournament if remaining members of the team gets into a subsequent fight. 

Tournament registration fees will not be refunded. 

Coaches are responsible for their actions and the actions of their players and fans. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. Officials have the authority to forfeit games if necessary because of unsportsmanlike conduct. 

Tournament Directors reserve the right to remove anyone from the tournament premises, or refuse admission to any individual.  



Please clean up all drink bottles and other garbage left on the benches after your games. 

Please respect the gyms and school property. 


Tony Williams 

Chanhassen Athletic Association 

VP & CAA Traveling Basketball Tournament Director   

612-751-3745 m