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Staff 2017
     Traveling Tournament Director     

Tony Williams        

CAA Basketball Board:

CAA Board Members
President Bill Kemble
Vice President                               Tony Williams
Traveling Tournament Director Tony Williams
Girls Traveling Teams Director Heather Neubauer
Boys Traveling Teams Director Monte Johnson              
Grades 1-3 In-House Johnny Miller
Grades 4-8 In-House                     Bill Kemble
Dir. of Communications                   Susan Schmidt
Gym Space Coordinator                 Jason Schmidt 
Uniform & Apparel Coordinator       Angie Quinn
Advisor/Chan HS Boys Coach         Nathan Pelowski 
Advisor/Chan HS Girls Coach         Angie Kissock  
Treasurer  Mike Ramler
Director of Player Development Jeff Tiran 
Special Projects Chris Potenza


Tournament Volunteer Coordinator:

Danielle Charon  


Assistant Tournament Volunteer Coordinator:

Laura White  



Tournament Site Directors:  

Chanhassen Tony Williams
Chaska David Rivera/Angela
Pioneer Ridge Jeanette Renner 
Chan Rec Center Tracy Rothstein
Middle School West Marybeth Olson
SouthWest Christian Jeanne Sapp


Tournament Site "Score General" (Web and Brackets):

Chanhassen Barb Williams (Bob Schaefer-Runner/Collector)
Chaska Travis Christl - All Day Sunday
Chaska Keagan Williams
Pioneer Ridge Troy Renner 
Chan Rec Center Jen Poncin
Middle School West Madison Soliday
SouthWest Christian Aaron Sapp

Concessions Coordinatoor (All Sites):

Terre Kemble  



Delivery Coordinatoor (All Sites): Delivery to all sites

Cindy Ramler  



Site Concession Coordinatoors:

Terre Kemble Chanhassen - (Lead)
Tammy Schaefer Chanhassen - (Assistant to the Lead)
Andrew Tollefson/Deb Chanhassen - (Assistant to the Lead) - Sunday
Lisa Egenes Chanhassen - (Assistant to the Lead) - Sunday
Amy Lindelein Chaska - (Lead)
Nate Slinde Chaska - (Assistant to the Lead)
Kirsten Slinde Chaska - (Assistant to the Lead)
Kate Connell Chaska - (Assistant to the Lead) - Sunday
Sandy Sweetser Pioneer Ridge - (Lead)
TBD Pioneer Ridge - (Assistant to the Lead)
Tracy Rothstein Chan Rec Center - (Co-Lead) 
Jennifer Poncin Chan Rec Center - (Co-Lead)
Peter Boorsma Middle School West - (Lead)
Jen Boorsma Middle School West - (Assistant to the Lead)
Jeanne Sapp SouthWest Christian - (Lead)
Aaron Sapp SouthWest Christian - (Assistant to the Lead)

Trophy Coordinatoors:

Stacey Reiff  
Andy Reiff  


Tournament Banker:

Mike Ramler